The very best

Created with the highest quality ingredients

Produced on Site

Fried in a Non-Trans Fat Oil

Made Fresh Daily - Unlike frozen thaw & serve product from grocery chain-stores


Donuts, Of Course

Our product line consists of a variety of Yeast Raised, Cake & Traditional Old Fashioned donuts. We're sure you'll find your favorite such as Glazed Rings, Maple Bars, Cinnamon Twists, Fancy Iced, Apple Fritters and many more!

Always delicious Plain & Sugared Cake donuts, Chocolate Dipped, Fancy Iced & Seasonal Specialties.

Try our Buttermilk Old Fashioned; Vanilla Glazed, Chocolate Dipped & Spiced Old Fashioned.

dot donuts takes pride in creating new exciting flavors & seasonal varieties.

drop in and check out the best tasting donuts you've ever had!

Hair Bent

Our main drip coffee we love is Hair Bender by Stumptown Roasters. We also offer a new selection of Stumptown's Cold Brew, and Cold Brew Nitro s. Really get your hair standing up!

"Named for a long-shuttered beauty parlor that housed the first Stumptown location, Hair Bender was the very first blend that Stumptown-founder Duane Sorenson introduced to the world. In fact, we still have the Hair Bender sign in our headquarters, watching over us as we roast each batch.

It’s our most popular coffee with good reason. A cup of Hair Bender has clarity and complexity; Indonesia’s rich textures are balanced by the classic flavors of Latin America and Africa. We use it at our cafes for espresso, but it’s great for all brew methods." = The Story (Stumptown)

Cascade Glacier Ice Cream

Cascade Glacier Ice Cream is absolutely the best in the west when it comes to a cold treat. Cascade Glacier makes all their flavors in their very own Oregon creamery in Eugene, Cascade Glacier (a devision of Oregon Ice Cream). Whether you’re looking for classic scoop shop flavors like Maui Waui and Cookies and Cream, or something a little more innovative like Salted Caramel or birthday cake, Cascade Glacier has it all.